We are aware that we have english speaking residents. It is important that you contact us if you have any questions regarding the rehablitation of our buildings, but are not able to read the information pamphlets given by mail (they will all be in norwegian). We will post important messages in english here. If there is any other information regarding the process that you wish translated, let us know, and we will create an english version of the website.

For information regarding asbestos sanitation, please see separate page

A small warning

It is noted in phase 1 that some inhabitants did not remove their belongings from the balcony, which  slowed the progress of the demolititon which was planned today.

For all future work on all buildings, if your do not remove your belongings by the dealine, they will be removed by crane and put on the lawn. If you do not remove them from the lawn within 24 hrs, the janitor will remove them to the waste collection centre BIR. You will be invoiced for any costs regarding this removal.

You may also be invoiced if the builders require electricians to disconnect electricity on your balcony, og if any other of your private modifications implies undue cost or dealys for the rehabilitation.

 We are all responsible to do out part to ensure a smooth and on-schedule building period.

Rehabilitation progress

The rehabilitation is divided into 5 phases consisting of around 4 buildings in each phase. We start from the north end (closest to the school) and work our way south. Our goal is not prvide minimum impact on the inhabitants who are not currently being rehabilitated. This means that storage sites and building activitis will be kept to the north half of the area until they are finished half way, and then eveything will be moved to the south area.

We will not be providing constant information on the construction progress on the information boards in each entrace, that would be very costly and very time consuming, since work is progressing daily. But all relavant information on the happenings of the project are given on this website "siste nytt"(in norwegian as of today). 

When your building is in construction phase, we will provide regular information in your mailbox, with deadlines and relavant information on progress. Contractor Markhus will also be sending out information. If you do not understand the information sent to you in the mailbox, please contact our email lynghaug.borettslag@gmail.com, and we will ensure that you get all future information in english. It is very important that you read and understand the messages provided, as failure to comply with instructions may lead to ekstra cost to you, or risk to your health and wellbeing.

If you have any questions regaring the rehabilitation work, please do not hesistate to contact us on the email above.

Important information regarding the building site

Demoliton will start first. This means that you are responsible for removing everything from your balcony. That is furniture, decorations, flowers and so on. If you have a heat pump it must be removed by qualified personnel.

If you wish to keep your balcony furnishings, but do not have sufficient storage space, space will be provided by the builder. Your belongings must be clearly marked with name and appartment number.

The builder will inform you approximately 2 weeks before they require access to your appartment, and again a couple of days prior. Before the designated date you are responsible for removing curtains and curtain holders from your windows, ensure furniture is moved at least 1-1,5meters away from doors  and windows to be changed and ensure free passage to all areas to be accessed.

Builders working hours are 0700 to 1500, but overtime may occur. No work will be done in the time period 2100 to 0630..

Parking behind 23-25 will be deidcated to builders during working hours, with the exception of electric cars being charged. Please park outside this area during daytime, to ensure sufficient parking for builders.

Containers will be placed around the area for builders use. These are not to be used for personal items from residents. There are strict rules for sorting waste from a building site, and mixing building waste with personalwaste will lead to heavy fines, which will cost us, and thereby you residents, alot of money.

Scaffolding is dangerous and we encourange you to let us know if you observe people attemting to climb any scaffolding.